About Dan

About Dan

Dan Edge is a Professional Actor, Wrestler, and Model and Aerialist that just happens to have Cerebral Palsy. Based in the United Kingdom

He has an impressive performance and modelling CV covering various forms including Theatre, Performance Art, Short Films, Photographic Work and Television Commercials working with well-known organisations such as The Nottingham Playhouse, The UK Home Office, Bupa, Channel 4, Lloyds TSB, Manchester International Festival and Glastonbury Festival, with two of the most recent additions to his CV being a national television advertising campaign for the bookmaker Paddy Power. As well as an advertising campaign for Mobility aid company Invacare that will be doing a staged roll out across Europe in 2017-2018.

Of course, as well as being an actor Dan is also a professional wrestler and one of an extremely small number with a physical disability around the world. Having wrestled in rings for multiple promotions and entertained fans on both sides of the Atlantic wrestling well known stars and winning multiple tag team titles on the way. When wrestling now he loves nothing more than supporting his home promotion WIN Wrestling which he spent many years helping to establish and training new upcoming talent and when time and or opportunity allows he will happily step back through the ropes!

Dan also became a professional Aerialist in 2012, having trained to be part of the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Where he specialised is Silk Cocoon and Strop. This ignited an interest in circus arts and he is now practising and developing his skills in several new areas including whip cracking, knife throwing, and contact juggling.

He is also an activist with his main focus being his work with the Equity Deaf and Disabled Members Committee, where with the other committee members he fights for better representation, conditions, and opportunitiesĀ  for D/deaf and Disabled people working in the performing arts.

Outside of all this Dan is a big lover of anything Marvel related and superheroes in general. As well as spending his relaxation time watching movies and playing video games.